Turkish katmer pastries in a colourful ceramic bowl

How to make Turkish Katmer (Gaziantep style)

Katmer is an ancient type of Turkish flaky pastry. They come in a number of different varieties but perhaps the most well-known and celebrated is the version from the city of Gaziantep in the South-East of the country. This ancient city, also known as Aintab or Antep, is well known for its gastronomy, particularly its baklava, pistachios and generally spicy food. This culinary heritage has been influenced by the different ethnic groups that have lived and still live in Gaziantep, including Turks, Yörüks, Armenians, Assyrians, Arabs and Kurds.

The Gaziantep version of Katmer is made with kaymak (thick cream) and pistachios. They are really simple to make but really, really good at the same time.

Step 1: Lay out a sheet of filo pastry.  If you cut the pastry into a square it will look better when you fold it later. Dollop the kaymak or clotted cream onto the pastry in rows with space between. Leaving a gap around the edge, sprinkle the whole thing with crushed pistachios. Some recipes also include sprinkling sugar as well.

Step 2: Fold each corner into the centre to form an envelope. Brush the top with melted butter. In Turkey it is usually baked in an oven for a short period of time but it can also be fried. I did mine in an oven at 200C for about 10 minutes, it’s really thin so cooks quickly.

Step 3: When it looks done, leave it to cool down a bit, sprinkle the top with some more pistachios, cut the katmer to the sizes you want and serve with extra kaymak.

Afiyet olsun!


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