Man standing in front of a blue boarded house in Malmö Sweden



I am James Rayner, a 26 year old writer and small-scale entrepreneur based on the Isle of Wight in the UK. I’m never happier than when I’m exploring new places, eating national/regional/local food specialities and speaking foreign languages.  Aside from this, I’m also obsessed with Albanian music, Bosnian literature and Scandinavian dramas.

This blog follows my travels around the world and the food I encounter wherever I go. I can’t hide the fact I’m obsessed with Bosnia, Kosovo, Turkey and Azerbaijan so expect to see these places featured quite a bit. Sometimes I will also be trying to recreate foreign dishes here in the UK (but expect mixed results).

Coming up next, the plan is to visit more of the Middle East with Jordan and Lebanon pencilled in for 2019 and I’ll probably end up revisiting Istanbul because I can’t seem to stay away.

Follow the blog for updates and follow my Instagram for more (profile: james_rayner, link: here). Please feel free to leave comments, you can speak to me in English, French, Bosnian/Croatian and Albanian!

Thanks for visiting


Man standing on a mountain with an old town and sea behind him in Dubrovnik Croatia
Revisiting Dubrovnik, Croatia in 2016


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